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LiveLife3In Clothing

LiveLife3In Clothing

LiveLife3In Clothing

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Live Life 3 IN

Our Story

Just to give everyone a quick background of how this idea was birthed. First, I would tell you not to judge a book by its cover. When I became of age, and began enjoying some cold ones from time to time, my buddies and I always used to speak of the great feeling once 3 beers in. It's a perfect point of harmony. A point where the edge is knocked off, comfort is found, words get easier, conversations get funnier, and bonds grow stronger. What's even better is that it's safe! You're able to enjoy yourself, talk to the girl/guy you've had your eye on, speak freely, and do it without making a fool of yourself! At 3 beers in, you aren't slurring like Otis Campbell or stumblin' like a fool. You aren't the laugh of the party, you're the life of it! 

That is where this idea came from. My buddies and I said repeatedly that this world would sure be a better and less stressful place if everybody could just Live Life 3 In. It became a common phrase for us. If we would see somebody pulling off a brave stunt, or a bold move...The answer was simple to us, they were Living Life 3 In.

The idea to actually launch the brand came recently while at a friend's party. It was a night full of laughs with some beer pong on center stage. I happened to be 3 In at the time and I made a passing comment about the phrase to a friend who had not yet heard this expression. So, I explained a little further, and told him everything about the idea. He was "all about it" and said it was something that should be branded and shared.

Being 3 In, it had me thinking... The next day even more so! I thought to myself, why not? So I did some research on starting a t-shirt/apparel brand and I found one common thing. "For a shirt/apparel brand to become successful, you need to have a niche. Something people can connect with and rally around." After hearing this, I felt even more confident about the idea. Who wouldn't want to rally around the idea of being happy, confident, carefree, and relaxed... And THAT IS WHAT THIS BRAND IS ABOUT! It is not about the alcohol and drinking 3 beers everyday. It is about living like that and what the #3InFamily is all about! Let's start a movement together and LIVE LIFE 3 IN.

If you have any questions or inquiries whatsoever please feel free to email me at

As always,

Live Life 3 In